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Copack Ireland operate a fully automated pressure sensitive labelling line suitable for a wide variety of label formats / sizes and products.

We take delivery of your packaging materials including labels and containers such as cans, bottles, jars and tubs. We then label these in volumes to suit your specific needs and dispatch fully branded packaging containers to your site(s) for filling.

We can work with your existing material suppliers or alternatively we can source all necessary materials for your needs. We have excellent relationships with a wide range of label and packaging material suppliers throughout Ireland, UK and mainland Europe.

Our solutions are suitable for a wide range of product manufacturers, food and beverage producers and retail / hospitality operators. Our service is particularly useful where you want to brand containers with a range of different labels (e.g. seasonal / special / store specific products) or where you require a cost-effective outsourced solution.

  • Suitable for cylindrical containers such as bottles, jars, tubs, cans etc
  • No minimum order quantity applies, any volume considered
  • Fast turn-around / flexible schedules
  • Labelling capacity of up to 250,000+ units / week

  • 24/7 production available to meet deadlines
  • Packaging materials can be provided by us or we can use your existing supply
  • Packaging materials can be sent directly to our facility & warehoused
  • Labelled containers can then be warehoused and sent to your site(s) as required

  • Option to include date/traceability coding of container whilst we label
  • Option for supply of ancillary packaging materials with your order (we are co-located with packsource.ie)

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